My body image issues and confronting my fear of social nudity

Overcoming body Image Issues Through societal Nudity
Beating Body Image Problems - as soon as I grew up in high school I did so with about fifty extra pounds of weight on me. At the time, I wasn't certain what drove the change. The weight started stacking on in junior high school, and despite a hyper youth involving many sports, it just seemed to accumulate.
Because of the weight gain, I began to grow male breasts. I felt embarrassed and did whatever I could to hide them. I slouched to prevent having anybody see them but since I was in my own growth stage, the slouching led to some permanent hunch in my back. I became very depressed and uneasy about my appearance.

As I grew and matured, the pounds slowly started to come come off. Now I 'm fairly tall, have little body fat and am normally considered slight. With that said, I still prevent being nude in front of others and even make an effort to keep my shirt on during sexual moments with girlfriends I 've had.
Body Image Issues and Growing Up as a Chubby Child
The stretch marks remain to this day and while I 'm not considered thin, my nude body, stretch marks and all, often comes as a jolt to others. They haven't any thought I carried that weight at one point in my life.
My body image problems changed drastically once I went overseas to study in Japan. In Japan, there are nude pics of girls of all ages (I just discovered the naked part after). These springs are generally used as a way to provide a medicinal bath to those in need of the curative benefits of the mineral water.
Visiting the hot springs was high on my list of stuff I needed to experience in Japan. So one day, I pushed myself to see among these watering places. I began by attempting to purchase a bathing suit but after I realized that no one could wear anything at the spa, I quickly disrobed. There were hundreds of nude guys! They walked in front of me unclothed, with little care or concern regarding who or what I 'm. They did not seem to care whether I 've stretch marks or bad position.
It was at that moment which I realized that it wasn't their view I had to change - but my own. Being comfortable in your own skin and being happy with who you are is what is significant. Those around you who happen to peek at an imperfection or two in your body shouldn't be a concern - the reality is that most only do not care what you look like. As you grow, you understand that individuals have their own difficulties, their own issues and are simply not all that concerned with some physical imperfection that you may have. In setting where everyone is nude, how you interact and treat others is what really matters.
Possibly, if I have done this much earlier in life, I wouldn't normally have had to live with so much shameand body image issuesfor so long.
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